Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Ernesto has been greatly influenced by its culture, its food, its people, and of course, his family. His name comes from his grandfather, who went by the nickname, Tito, and served as the inspiration to want to learn how to play guitar, paint, and always know all the “ ins and outs” of whatever business he was in.

While growing up, he always observed his surroundings, enjoyed performing in front of others and making people laugh, which is still the case, to this day. But over time he discovered that performing went well beyond the joy of laughter. He fell in love with finding the truth, of the char- acter, and it changed his life.

Fascinated by human behavior, Ernesto likes to find the little subtleties in each role he plays. He has worked in theatre, television and film and has benefited from understanding the different mediums, within the industry. This understanding, together with his extensive training, enables him to deliver the right performance for the job.

As a native Spanish speaker, and being fully bilingual, Ernesto feels comfortable working in English and Spanish. He also loves doing the deep research that comes with the work and rec- ognizes the importance of getting “off book” quickly, to be free, within the character.

In his personal life he enjoys cooking, learning new languages and is a voracious reader. And most importantly, and above all else, he is a proud husband, and father.

Ernesto is also a proud member of SAG/AFTRA & AEA.